Website Design

Having a website is a necessity for any business owner.  In the age of technology, customers utilize web searches to find what they are looking for; without a web presence, you lose the opportunity to gain these customers.  A well-designed, informative website is an excellent marketing tool that not only attracts new customers, but also informs them about your product or service and directs them to contact you directly.

THE DESIGN PROCESS: Having your own personalized website created is a simple process with Light Arrow Marketing. Send us an email or use our contact form and we'll get you on your way to having a strong web presence.  Whether you know exactly what you want or only have a vague idea, we'll work with you to create the perfect website design that fits your small business's marketing needs. From you, we'll need:

  • An idea of how many pages you need

    • Is it a simple one-page site, or a complex 10-page site, or anything in between? Do you need sub-pages?

  • What do you want your website to accomplish?

    • Do you want to sell a product directly, simply inform your customer, or provide a means of contacting you directly?

  • The content--what do you want to say?

    • ​We can edit anything that you give us, be it words or images
    • Depending on your needs, we can add ​images, videos, blogs, a shopping cart and/or PayPal button, etc.

  • What is your time frame - schedule a work window

    • To ensure that your website is completed in a timely manner, we'll ask you to schedule a week where work will be done. Please have all website content you would like added available to us by this week.

  • If you have examples of websites you like the layout of, we'd love to see. We aim to create your ideal site.

After we've discussed the specifics of what you want, we'll quickly get back to you with a quote. After that, work can begin.  Once we've made a fair amount of progress on the site, we'll show you a preview of what your website will look like; you can expect to see this within 1-2 weeks after your quote is given. At that point, you'll have the ability to suggest any changes you want to make, and we'll take care of it!  Until your website is ready for launch, it will be privately available by URL only--it will NOT be attached to a domain or search-ready until it is completed.



PUBLISHING YOUR SITE: Once you've approved the design your site is ready to be launched.  We'll need to find and purchase an available domain.  There are two possible scenarios:


  1. You DO NOT already have a domain. You'll need to purchase one

    • We can do that for you through our domain host. Having your domain and hosted site in the same place easier to manage for both of us!​

  2. You DO already have a domain with another hosting site, it can be routed over.

    • You'll have to request that your DNS servers be changed/routed. You can do this yourself (I will provide step-by-step printable instructions at this point if necessary) or you can give us your login information and we can do it for you.



PAYMENT: Payment is due upon the completion of all work, prior to publishing the website and connecting it to its domain.  Changes to the initial quote will be for extra work incurred, such as added requested features, extensive edits, etc. You will be told of any extra fees before any extra work is done. In the case of larger projects, a 10% retainer fee may be required for work to begin. 


In addition to the design fee, you will be responsible for an initial payment for website hosting fees for the first year. Price depends on what hosting package you choose from Wix. Subsequent payments per year must be made in order to keep your website running; I will contact you one month before your website subscription runs out, at which time you must submit payment, or your website will become unavailable until payment is made.

Total fees include:

-Design fee (varies based on complexity and number of pages - contact us for a quote)

-$50/month maintenance fee (covers changes made, troubleshooting, etc.)

-Yearly web hosting fee

-Domain hosting fee of $25/year (the first year is often free with a special voucher from hosting your site)

-(Optional) private registration of web site $10/year (recommended to protect your privacy)

-(Optional) SEO fee (depends on scope of work)



We take payment in the form of direct deposit and PayPal. PayPal is preferred, as it simplifies the process of paying recurring fees. Payment must be made in full at the time of design completion.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO): After your website is completed and running it will be optimized for search engines.  This means assigning meta tags, and essentially making it simple for search engines such as Google to find your website. We've had excellent success with SEO, with most clients appearing on the first page.  However, please keep in mind that this depends in part on what search terms you specify--it's much more difficult to place well for a popular search term than for an industry-specific one so please choose carefully when your site's select search terms.


It can take up to a month (or more, according to Google) for search engines to crawl over your website, index it, and to show accurate results in a search engine.  This is true for every designer, every search engine, and every hosting site.  In our experience, we've found this process to be fairly quick, and we do everything we can to speed up the process by submitting our websites directly to Google.  However, do not be alarmed if you do not see the perfect results immediately; search engine optimization is a process, and overnight results don't happen.