THE DESIGN PROCESS: We'll work with you to create the materials you need to make your business a success. We'll need you to provide any images, contact information, and details about your business or product that you wish to include.  We can work with any layout preferences you have, as well as tailor your materials to your audience--we'll edit any photos information you give us (unless you want them included as-is) to market to your customers specifically.

-If no images are given for use, we'll use stock photos that we have access to.

-We'll write any copy you need, but you need to provide the basic info. (Basically, we'll work our marketing magic to give your words the power they need to draw in customers.

**Note: We do not print the literature ourselves, however, we can direct you to companies such as Printing For Less and Vistaprint that do.


Printed Literature

Although marketing has recently embraced the fast-paced world of the online world, print advertising has been an integral part of marketing for decades.  The use of brochures, pamphlets, newspaper ads, and the like are still important today.  We at Light Arrow Marketing our services in these areas.