About Light Arrow Marketing: Angela Asmus

Light Arrow Marketing LLC. was created by Angela Asmus after she graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Marketing Management (with honors). Our focus is on providing other small businesses with the experience and expertise that comes from our dedication, passion for advertising, and the creative entrepreneurial spirit.


Angela Asmus, our Creative Director, took her experience as a Marketing Management major at Virginia Tech and combined it with her love for creative projects--and thus, Light Arrow Marketing was born. With her passion for advertising and her creative flair, she was able to accomplish her long-standing dream of becoming an entrepreneur. While still a new company, Light Arrow Marketing has already worked with various clients to design fresh marketing resources for several clients. We are always looking to expand our family of clients, so email or message us anytime--we’d love to work with you!

Our focus is on developing marketing strategies for other small businesses, including web and logo design, social media, and print advertising.

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I've always had a passion for learning, a creative spirit, and a love of technology. After graduating, I couldn't wait to start a business that allows me to combine many of my creative talents with the education I received at VT.


In my spare time, I love to design characters, dabble in digital art, and analyze various advertising mediums (what a nerd!). I jump at opportunities to be creative, and so far this is the perfect job for me.  I'm excited to help small businesses take themselves to the next level with creative marketing strategies.

Let's get in touch-I can't wait to get started on my next project with you! You can reach me any time by email.